Weekly Newsletter Mar 29, 2021

29 Mar 2021

Data Center - B

Few things to consider while selecting the right data center:    
Location: Having the data center nearby is a huge advantage. It is a much greater advantage than the cost savings you could make if you position it far away. The distance between your data center and you can impact data speeds. They can also impact the response time to an emergency.   
Reliability: Make sure that you find out what redundant systems the data center offers in case of an emergency. This could be in case of bad weather, or power outages, etc. You should also ensure that there are proper ventilation and cooling.   
Security: Having proper security installed in the data center is crucial. As it houses the enterprise and data apps, any breaches could mean compromise. Average cyber-attacks can cost millions.   
Network Capacity: This can be objectively measured through stats like network reliability, speed, security protocols, etc. You should ensure that they have space and power to meet your needs. You could also invest in server collocation, in which you use a shared local facility. You can rent the space and pay for the power, while the data center operator maintains the security systems.   
Scalability and Flexibility: If you run a business, then it’s crucial that you find a data center that can keep up with your demands. If you sign up with someone with a very rigid structure and no flexibility, then you may find obstacles during expansion.   
Emergency Systems: Great data centers identify several points of failure and set up emergency systems to deal with that failure. Hence, they find ways to mitigate risks due to natural disasters, hacking attacks, power outages, etc.   


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Israeli commercial real estate deals

  • REIT 1 LTD is buying a 15,600M2 logistic center in the south of Israel for $27 million.
  • ALL YEAR HOLDINGS LIMITED is selling assets in Brooklyn for $12.4 million. 
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  • BRICKS PROPTECH INNOVATION creates perfect matches between startups and the industry-leading partners, generating value for both. When needed, Bricks mold the startups’ innovative technologies to suit the partners’ needs and help both parties co-create viable market-ready solutions (link).
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Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

  • For sale  2,200M2 commercial building in Petah Tikva, in the center of Israel.
  • For sale two floors (2,300M2) out of five, in a commercial building in the center of Tel Aviv.
  • For Sale in Tel Aviv 600M2 floor, (one out of 4) + 13 parking spaces.

  • For lease, in Alon Tower Tel Aviv 156M2 office space, high floor 5 rooms.
  • For lease, in  Or Yehuda, 600M2 office space ready to occupy.
  • For lease, in  in Petah Tikva 1,700M2 office space ready to occupy.
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